Coaching & Development Committee

The primary aim of the Coaching & Development Committee is to develop and maintain organizational structures and athletic activities necessary to enhance the general profile of the club and improve the competition performance of its members.
The ‘coaching’ committee held its first meeting on Wednesday evening 9 November 2011 and elected Gerry Naughton, a former athlete with Queens Park Harriers and the founding member of Mornington Chasers Running Club (both London based), as the chairperson. This committee is open to all club coaches, team managers, club captains, the Club Development Officer and the Child Welfare Officer.  Some of the primary purposes of the group includes:

Coaching and Competition

  • Formulating/updating of coaching structures (i.e. coaches assigned to various groups of athletes; timetable for club coaching sessions).
  • Agreeing guidelines and restrictions, etc re- the safe use of the track and club equipment.
  • Seeking assistance and team supports for managers/captains, particularly at championship events.
  • Networking of information and guidelines relating to coaching, long term athletics development, injury prevention, nutrition, etc.
  • Arranging for attendance at coaching courses, squad days and code of ethics workshops.
  • Ongoing – (a) to decide on future coaching policies/priorities; and (b) identify how best to allow certain young athletes to move from one coaching group to another.


  • Forming of strong relations with local schools by arranging special coaching sessions and forwarding Club promotional materials.
  • Improving the communications and information network in the club, giving an emphasis to new and potential members.
  • Administering promotional campaigns inviting new members to the club.
  • Creating and encouraging ‘Development’ and ‘Award’ schemes within the club.
  • Arranging for competitions and social events that will generally harmonise the juvenile and adult groups.